In Need of Automotive Tuning for your Most Prized Possession?

At European Prestige Auto Service, we’re known for providing the leading European car maintenance and repair services here in Perth. Our skilful technicians know luxury vehicles like the back of their hands, and always ensure to perform their services to the highest of standards. As a result, you can trust in our team to deliver whatever you need in a highly efficient and professional manner. 

When you’re in need of automotive tuning services for your prestigious vehicle, you should only trust in our expert mechanics to get the job done right. With a fully equipped facility at their disposal, along with their own wealth of knowledge and experience to aid, our team of professionals are fully capable of delivering superior tuning and calibration to customise and enhance your automobile’s performance.  

What is Automotive Tuning?

Automotive tuning essentially involves modifying a vehicle in order to enhance its performance. Stock vehicles come with all the necessary features to satisfy the average drivers needs and requirements. However, automotive tuning has become a popular way to customise a vehicle and make it more your own. There are many areas available for tuning modification. At European Prestige Auto Service, we offer our customers a range of gearbox and transmission tuning services. 

How Does it Work?

With the right equipment, automotive tuning can be easily performed by a professional technician. At European Prestige Auto Service, we utilise the latest equipment and software available in order to perform a range of tuning services. When you bring your European vehicle to our workshop, we will assess the heath of your vehicle with our cutting-edge diagnostic technology. From there, we can determine whether or not your vehicle is suitable for tuning. Next, we will utilise our tuning equipment to read your vehicle’s factory data. Once the data has been imported into our software, it is then calibrated and uploaded to the vehicle. 

What is the End Result?

Post-upload, we perform a diagnostics session in order to ensure that your automobile is in proper working condition. Automotive tuning can improve the performance features of your vehicle by a mile. It can also help to resolve a lot of issues created by faulty parts, fuel and fumes. Needless to say, it can definitely help you to avoid unnecessary repair costs later on down the track. Our gearbox and transmission tuning services work to improve gear-changing and shift speeds, allowing for better acceleration and a reduction in lag. Overall, the engine is able to react a lot quicker in accordance with the number of revs that are put out. 

Why Turn to European Prestige Auto Service?

There are many workshops offering automotive tuning services for your vehicle in Perth. However, our point of difference here at European Prestige Auto Service is that we offer our clients custom tuning services. In terms of tuning software, most workshops only provide a standard tuning service, offering tuning stages 1 to 3 or a modification of accessories. The problem with this is that automotive tuning is not a one size fits all process. As a result, general services such as these can end up overloading the turbo or values of your vehicle, causing catastrophic damage. In contrast to this, custom tuning services at European Prestige Auto Service can accommodate for the various needs and capabilities of different vehicles more accurately. In this way, we can avoid overloading the capacity of your vehicle’s performance and damaging the engine. We program values in the tuning software to match the fuel type of the vehicle we’re servicing, be it 95 or 98. All in all, our team work diligently in order to service and care for your vehicle as if it were their very own. 

When in need of automotive tuning for your prestigious vehicle, it’s important to place your trust in only expert technicians. Call European Prestige Auto Service today on 0402 866 180 to book your next automotive tuning service! 

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