What Is a Brake Fluid Flush?

Over time, your brake fluid will endure a lot of wear and tear as it is exposed repetitively to high levels of heat, excess moisture and byproducts that flake off and accumulate, as a result of the braking process. A brake fluid flush involves draining all fluid from your brake system, cleaning out any debris, then refilling the system with fresh brake fluid. During this service, your brakes will also be checked over by a mechanic.

Some of the obvious signs that your vehicle might need a brake fluid flush include:

  • Lower braking effectiveness (or having to push harder on the pedal)
  • Spongy brakes
  • Noisy brakes (squealing or grinding)
  • A burning smell

Why Is It Needed?

Brake fluid flushes are essential if you want to be able to maintain your vehicle’s braking system at its highest level of performance. Old fluid will become less effective at being able to stop while you’re out on the road, which can lead to collisions and other life-threatening accidents.

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