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If you’re looking for Renault Service Perth, you’ve come to the right place. We offer excellent mechanical services for Renault and other luxury European cars. European Prestige Auto Service has had years of experience in the industry. We have had the pleasure of servicing many cars and 4WDs, specialising in luxury European cars. Rest assured that we possess the skills and experience necessary to deliver the kind of care and attention to detail you’d want for your vehicle.

Why should you trust us with your Renault?

At European Prestige Auto Service, we have some of the most refined mechanics in Perth to service your Renault. Our highly trained team has years of combined experience performing repairs and car servicing for European cars. We possess the right skills and thoroughly understand your car’s needs and your own. As such, we are confident that we can exceed your expectations and deliver the quality you deserve.

We can help you with a large variety of services. Whether you need to repair damaged parts of your vehicle, perform a maintenance check or do a diagnostic to determine possible problems, we have the right people, skills, and state-of-the-art equipment. Trust that with our knowledge and commitment to quality, we can offer service and advice on how to keep your Renault in excellent condition.

When you choose European Auto Prestige Service, you can also have a courtesy vehicle available whilst your car is with us. It’s not only our service but our rates that are highly competitive. After all, quality doesn’t have to mean burning a hole in your wallet.

Our location

Our workshop location in East Perth gives Perth customers easy access to our services. We’ve equipped our workshop with the latest tools and model-specific diagnostic equipment. We also use high-quality, genuine European parts. We can assure you that we will never use substandard materials in the repair and maintenance of your Renault.

Call us now on 0402 866 180 to enquire about our services or to book the Renault Service Perth drivers trust.

Why should you drive a Renault?

French cars are no longer as famous as those made in the US, Germany or Japan, but there is little doubt about the level of inventiveness and artistry that goes into each model. If there is anything French car manufacturers like Citroen and Renault are best known for, it’s innovation. The French take their craft and art seriously, and it shows in their vehicles’ design and functionality.

Regarding car design, Renault does not shy away from the prospect of going outside the box. They incorporate various elements without diverging from the minimalist and sophisticated direction they have taken in the last couple of years. The 2017 Kwid, for example, possesses rugged angles here and there. It embodies the edgy ideal of the decade whilst still looking refined and cultured.

Judging their cars’ interiors, it is easy to see that Renault seeks to deliver no-nonsense functionality. This is contained within its signature minimalism. Other manufacturers may wow you with the sheer number of buttons and displays on your dash. Renault, however, packs everything and then some into a vehicle that is both easy to understand and use.

Comfort is another aspect that enthusiasts appreciate about French Renault. Some say it has to do with the state of roads in the French countryside, but Renault seems to have placed a solid emphasis on the drive quality and the kind of experience their cars offer passengers. This factor is considered one of the major forces driving Renault’s popularity in many parts of the world today.

We understand why you chose Renault.

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