Hi, my name is Karen. I work for Royal Fremantle Golf Club. We come to Tony & Hazel at European Prestige Auto Service to have my car serviced. We actually have a fleet car which requires regular servicing. All the work that has ever been done here, we’ve always been very happy with – their service here, the staff here. They’ve always been upfront with all their costing, if they ever need any work doing on the job, they will always phone me beforehand and let me know what needs to be required. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Hello, I’m Olivien, I’m a financial planner. I got a French car because I’m French, it’s a Citroen C3 Pluriel with open sunroof. My journey with that car was to find the right mechanic, it’s not an easy thing to do. I’m very lucky because I found European Prestige. You teach me a lot about my car, you show me different things to take care of my car and that was very good for me. Also, the way you are honest and upfront about the different like costing & services that you offer. So I was really really pleased. More importantly, I need to be very mobile, always on the road, so if I have to like to get my car down for one day, it’s not a problem at all and that’s all the benefit I see in European Prestige and coming back here.

Hi, my name is Peter, I used to work for the ROC. Since finding European Prestige Auto Services, I’ve brought several cars here for both servicing and for maintenance and have been very happy with the service I’ve got here as you keep me updated all along the process. I’d like to recommend them for all of your servicing as part of the deal they leave and lend you a car to keep it going during the day.


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