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European Prestige Auto Service offers five-star Citroen Service Perth drivers can trust. We also specialise in a variety of other European makes. Whether you need repairs or diagnostics, we have the manpower, the tools and the experience to give you the results you want.

Why should you trust us with your Citroen?

Cars are not simple machines. Because of this, they require special care and attention that only experts can provide. We offer a wide selection of mechanical services ideal for European car brands. Is your car damaged and in need of a repair? We can do that for you. Do you need to check your car for problems? Our team will help you identify possible targets for your Citroen car servicing and repairs in Perth. Are you putting your car in for maintenance? We will keep it in perfect working order, with valid log book servicing available.

Our team of mechanical technicians possess the training and skills to handle your Citroen with the care it needs. We have experience in all manners of mechanical services. Needless to say, we are confident that we can deliver and even go beyond your expectations.

Not having your car when you need it can be a huge inconvenience. For this reason, we offer a courtesy vehicle for $25 whilst your car is in our workshop. You will find that our services are on par if not better than those offered by dealerships and other competitors in the Perth area. What’s more, we offer them at a fraction of the price. We price our services in a competitive way without compromising on quality.

Our locations

Our workshops are located in East Perth and West Perth. We equip both workshops with the latest tools, as well as model-specific diagnostic equipment. Moreover, we only use high-quality, genuine European car parts should any of your car’s parts need replacing. We ensure to never use substandard materials in the repair and maintenance of your vehicle.

Call us today to enquire about our services on 0402 866 180 or to book your next Citroen Service in Perth.

Discover the Citroen Impact

The automobile industry would not be the same without the contributions of European manufacturers. This is a fact most exemplified by Citroen. French car brands have long been overtaken by Asian and American makers in terms of popularity. Regardless of this, one simply cannot have a discussion on car history and design without lingering on Citroen for a moment or two.

With a history spanning almost a hundred years, Citroen has always been recognised for being a fearless innovator. This is especially true when it comes to the design of their vehicles. The Citroen DS, first released in 1955 and lovingly called “The Goddess” by many car enthusiasts (because “goddess” is “deesse” in French), remains a hallmark in design until now. It wowed crowds when it first hit showrooms in Paris. The Traction Avant is similarly considered a classic and is very well commended for its aesthetic appeal.

But Citroen goes far deeper than looks and impresses through solid performance as well. Its victories in motorsport events are among its claims to fame. On top of this, it is also associated with military efficiency. After all, the maker’s founder and namesake, Andre Citroen, first found success building armaments and machines used in the First World War.

Why should you drive a Citroen?

Today, Citroen is a highly regarded name in the automotive industry. It has taken steps to shift its focus into building cars with the passengers’ comfort in mind. Through combining well-furnished interiors with superbly implemented systems and features, Citroen spares no expense in enhancing the safety and experience provided by their automobiles.

Citroen is one of the few French car manufacturers that have remained active to this day. Despite being dwarfed by more popular, mass produced car brands and makes, its legacy lingers and keeps it esteemed among both buyers and lovers of well-made, high-quality automobiles. We know you love your Citroen, so bring it to the professionals you can trust at European Prestige Auto Service for your Citroen Service in Perth.

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