Look no further when looking for somewhere you can trust to book your VW van service. Whilst our name may be deceiving, we also have a team of technicians who specialise in servicing light commercial vans such as the range of VW vans.

We service the primary Volkswagen vans, VW Caddy Cargo, VW Transporter, and VW Crafter.

Often your transport is a considerable investment in your business. All business owners who rely on light commercial vans such as Volkswagen Vans to run their business know the importance of regular servicing to keep their vans on the road more often to minimise downtime with hefty costs.

We provide honest, reliable service to all our customers when servicing our client’s VW vans.
Our technicians provide professional and speedy service. They can assist with the service and repairs of all makes and models of commercial vans and light commercial vehicles, not just Volkswagen vans. The replacement parts we use are 100 per cent genuine VW parts, ensuring the performance and integrity of your vehicle are always maintained.

We offer logbook servicing and can schedule fleet servicing of your commercial vans.

The latest technology with the most advanced diagnostic equipment quickly identifies issues with your van, enabling our technicians to address the problems efficiently and reliably to get your van back on the road as quickly as possible.

You can trust the European Prestige Auto Service team when you service your VW van knowing they will maintain the highest level. We want to give you the best performance and maximise the life of your VW van.

Whether you’re a small business owner with a VW Caddy Cargo or you have the VW Crafter, which is known for its Utility, versatility and comfort. Or the VW Transporter, which evolved from the old Combi. Our team’s technical capabilities and outstanding customer service will make you pleased you chose European Prestige Auto Service for your VW van Service. Our customers appreciate the honesty, integrity, communication, and transparency experienced when servicing their Volkswagen van with us. Call now for a free quote to service your commercial van.


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